Civil Partnership at Twycross Zoo

Anyone who knows the cult television series The Prisoner from the 1960’s would have loved the Prisoner themed Civil Partnership that we photographed at Twycross Zoo at the beginning of August. There were huge white ‘Rover’ balloons on the tables and ‘The Villages’ canopied penny farthing logo adorned table centre cards and name cards. We say name cards but of course there are no names in The Village, only numbers so each guest was allocated a numbered badge. They found their number on the seating plan which was a map of The Village with each table named after one of it’s areas.

The Ceremony was held in the Windows on the Wild room, which is a contemporary New England themed room overlooking the wading birds aviary and was followed by drinks in the Norton Grange Gardens and an hour and a half free time for guests around the zoo. The Grooms Mark and Scott, wearing identical blazers to the characters from The Prisoner wanted mainly natural shots so posed in front of the animal enclosures to capture some really unique Wedding photographs.

With the Wedding breakfast in windows on the Wild room, the party moved through to the Himalaya room afterwards overlooking the snow leopard enclosure for a truly special evening they will never forget. More information on Weddings at Twycross Zoo can be found on their Website.

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