St Catherine’s Church Wedding Photography

Here at Rebecca Dawe, we love to hear your story of your perfect day! Fiona and Neil shared theirs with us: this all started back in September 2009 when Fiona and Neil got set up on a blind date by their two best friends. Four years on in July 2013 Neil romantically purposed on Devon Cliffs beach with a beautiful poem and a fancy diamond ring! Ever since the engagement they had both been saving and planning for their fabulous big day.
storyboard001 storyboard003 storyboard006 storyboard002 storyboard005 Before Fiona arrived at the church she decided to play a little prank on her bridesmaids. She had a friend with a motorcycle to pop around and convinced the bridesmaids that was their mode of transport to the church. Very funny Fiona! It certainly got everyone laughing. The girls were determined to go on the bike and even tried all the helmets on!

However, there was a slight sigh of relief when their real mode of transport – a camper van turned up! storyboard010 storyboard014 For Fiona finding her dress was simple. She went on an annual weekend away with her best friend to celebrate their birthdays, with certainly zero plans on purchasing a dress. They happened to come across a dress shop. Fiona went in and tried on a white flowy dress with added detail. Right from that moment she had it on, she instantly fell in love. That dress was the one!  storyboard015 storyboard001 storyboard001 storyboard002

Everyone has a childhood dream and for Fiona it was to turn up on her wedding day in a horse drawn carriage – like a princess. The day of their engagement her prince agreed she could. We think this is such a lovely touch!

The horse and carriage pulled up to ‘St Catherine’s Church’ where their ceremony was due to take place. The church is beautifully romantic and means a lot to Fiona and Neil.

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The couple did something a little different instead of walking down the aisle as a married couple to the tradition tune; they clapped their way down to the brilliant ‘Happy’ by Pharrell Williams. It was certainly a treat for the guests and they all seemed to join in! storyboard001 storyboard002 storyboard004 storyboard006 storyboard005 storyboard001 storyboard003 storyboard002 storyboard006 storyboard001 The choice of flowers was “Kellie Lilly” they loved the unusual and pretty look to them, especially with the added touch of crystals that followed on from their art decoration theme. The day was fabulous to photograph and it was lovely to see the couple really happy with all the great support from all of their family and friends! We wish you both very well!

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