Wedding Photography On A Rainy Day

It’s a good thing that rain on your wedding day is meant to be good luck when you live in the UK… Spring is finally here but that doesn’t mean we’ll escape the rain, and though having a rainy wedding might be your idea of hell, there are still ways to ensure you get a set of amazing wedding photographs if the weather is wet on your special day.

If you’ve planned a spring, autumn or winter wedding, you should definitely prepare for the possibility of rain. And even summer weddings might have the odd shower, but you’re more likely to get away with a brief spattering rather than a total downpour! Over the years we’ve photographed a huge array of weddings, come rain or shine, so here are our top tips for wedding photography on a rainy day:

weddings-in the-rain

– Be prepared! Make a contingency plan that covers bad weather – especially if you have your heart set on an outdoor reception. Marquees, wellies, umbrellas, and indoor alternatives will all allow you to still enjoy your day if it pours. If you’ve booked an outside space, talk to your venue about using an indoor room if the weather is wet.

– Create iconic moments. Rainy backdrops are often used in movies and art to convey romantic, passionate scenes – use the rain as an atmospheric backdrop in your wedding photos for amazing, unique images!

– Protect your wedding outfit. If it rains on your wedding day you’ll want to keep your wedding dress safe and dry! Make sure you have the right protection for travelling between venues and having photos taken outside, such as jackets, umbrellas, wellington boots and a gazebo or similar shelter that you can use to keep you dry during outdoor pictures.

– Embrace the rain! If you’re feeling brave, why not bring along a second outfit that you can wear for a fantastic splashy wedding photography shoot? Jump in puddles, kiss in the rain, dance under the downpour, and create some wet and wonderful wedding pictures with your partner while your bridalwear stays dry…

weddings-in the-rain

– Find shelter. Use naturally occurring shelter around your wedding venue to allow you to take outdoor wedding photos while staying dry. Look for awnings, arches, bridges and covered structures which will provide beautiful backdrops for your wedding pictures and allow you to make the most of the natural light outside.

– Time it right. You don’t necessarily have to have your wedding photos taken directly after your ceremony. If it’s really chucking it down with rain then you can always delay your pictures until a dry spell to make the most of the break in the weather.

There’s no need for a wet wedding day to ruin your plans. Our all-female wedding photography team have a wealth of experience in wedding photography and will be able to help you create truly stunning wedding pictures no matter the weather!