Wedding Photography Trends For 2013

Are you getting married in 2013? There are some great wedding photography trends this year that can provide you with the perfect inspiration for your big day. Here are just a few popular ideas that are appearing in this year’s wedding photography:

Negative Space: Sometimes it’s the space between the subjects that make the most interesting shapes in your wedding photography. Utilise a great backdrop like a lush lawn or blue sky to bring some colour to the negative space in your pictures. Framing your images off-centre or with excessive negative space can create really striking photos.


Bright bursts of color: Make your wedding photos bold and beautiful with bright natural colours. Use flowers, clothing, backdrops and accessories to add a pop of colour to your wedding pictures, or ask your wedding photographer to focus on a particular tone when they edit your images.

Posed ‘candid’ pictures: Journalistic wedding photography is always popular, but sometimes couples don’t feel comfortable with too many candid shots. A compromise is to set up a photographic situation where you and your partner can relax, talk, embrace and kiss while your photographer takes lots of candid shots. You’ll have the best of both worlds – a choreographed image but natural smiles and poses!

Limited focus: This technique focuses on one small area or detail of an image with the rest out of focus. A beautiful way to show off accessories, little details of your wedding, or simply zone in on the happy couple during a busy scene.

Monotones: This doesn’t just mean black and white – you can use sepia tones, blues, oranges, any sort of tone that fits with the style and theme of your wedding. Different colours and tones can provide a sense of warmth, coolness and even a vintage look.

Overexposed: Draining the colour from a photo with overexposure can create a whimsical effect, especially for a spring or summer wedding. Sometimes this method is used by shooting against a bright sky or light background. Play with the light in your wedding photographs to find the right atmosphere for you.

No matter what style of wedding photography you like, do your research into current trends and classic techniques so that you can discuss your ideal style with your wedding photographer and we will come up with the perfect plan for your photos. The most important thing is to capture the emotion and personality of your big day!

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