Wedding Photography, Varying The View

Sometimes it’s good to try something new. You (hopefully) only get married once – your wedding photography should be a great representation of your special day, from a variety of perspectives, and sometimes traditional poses and groupings just don’t allow for that. When we photograph a wedding, we try to incorporate all the little details, the atmosphere of your venue, and any interesting or original views and angles we can find.

vary_the_view We shoot from different heights and positions to offer a real variety of images for you to choose from, and we can use post production techniques to alter the style and colouring of your photos, too!

We’re good at being unobtrusive, so although you might not notice us snapping away, we’re still capturing lots of special moments as well as the obvious big ones! We’re also open to suggestion, so if you have some creative ideas of your own for your wedding photography, please let us know during your pre-wedding consultation. Feel free to browse through our portfolio to pick out shots that you particularly like, and tell us all about your venue and the special backdrops you might envisage in your wedding photos. We have over 20 years of experience photographing weddings in and around Leicestershire and Warwickshire, so there’s a good chance we’ll have worked at your venue before and may be able to advise on great ways to make the most of your location.

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